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ARA Automotive Systems; Standard for the World not just a slogan or motto,
but our way of doing business in today’s global economy.

We at ARA pride ourselves on being in the forefront of innovative technologies in the MVAC industry, as well as the full scope of automotive accessories. ARA deals not only with a global aftermarket, but with the OE, POE, and CKD companies and facilities around the globe.


Since 1948

When the original ARA was founded, until today, our many years of experience in serving both domestic and export customers has taught us that the customer is truly “King” and that adaptation to the special needs and markets of this global automotive economy are key to a successful partnership with our many customers around the world.

As pioneers in the field of global sourcing for MVAC components, systems, replacement parts, refrigeration, and automotive accessories. ARA was buying the majority of its mobile air conditioning components from Asia as early as 1992... long before most companies within the industry moved their purchases overseas.

ARA opened a China office in early 2000, and has expanded our China presence to ownership in several China plants. Customers don’t deal with a trading company when they deal with ARA... they deal with one of our factories or a factory that works as a joint partner with us.

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